SRD Change 11 National
Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition

SRD CHANGE 11 National is a special project of the SRD and part of SYDNEY DESIGN 2011 presented by the Powerhouse Museum.

The Society for Responsible Design Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit, registered environmental organisation that has promoted, since 1989, the value of design towards creating our sustainable future.

Ongoing major environmental issues confirm the need for responsible change to consider the lifelong impact of buildings, products and processes we bring into being.

The new paradigm of sustainable responsible design requires full revision of thought and of action. The questions raised must, like our exhibitions, stimulate the number and sophistication of longer term solutions through innovative design and problem solving processes.

The SRD Change11 exhibition will showcase a unique collection of projects that incorporate sustainable and environmental considerations. Young designers from a cross section of design backgrounds in Architecture, Landscape, Interiors, Industrial design, Fashion, Visual Communications and more will be featured.

Annually, SRD Change exhibitions comprise innovative, graduate design solutions from Australia’s top universities that explore critical issues of sustainability, environmental responsibility, social equity and community.

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