Communal Remediation
Anthony Papas
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture - University of New South Whales

A post industrial urban renewal concept developed for Central Canberra, Communal Remediation outlined a design process which attempted to resolve the conflict of interests existing between local community identity and the need for urban densification alongside the growing need for regional environmental sustainability.

This was done by drawing upon the landscape urbanist paradigm of ‘landscape as infrastructure’, and exploring how regional hydrological infrastructures’ could benefit communities at the local scale whilst driving a more sustainable form of urbanization for Canberra.The project capitalized on the hydrological potential made available in the degraded post industrial rail corridor that encircled the Causeway Housing Community, by transforming its functional industrial heritage into a key environmental regional infrastructure for Canberra that was incorporated into the local open space network. More so, the project attempted to unlock the dynamic potential of the established Causeway Community identity along with its ability to provide necessary social adhesion to the entire new infill development, something that would otherwise take generations to develop.

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