Urban Playscape
Clare Dunlop
Masters of Architecture (Hons) - University of Tasmania

The Urban Playscape is an architectural proposition evoking ideas of change in the urban environment, addressing the conflicts created between young people and other citizens. Responding to the issue of youth boredom, whilst also incorporating the needs of local business owners, the project embraces the idea of productive lingering and explores how the city can be activated for young people.

Set in Northern Tasmania, the programme is specifically tailored to the Launceston condition, however the process could be applied to any city in the world.

A staged process begins with a bricolage shed, which is used as a creative workshop for the youth to participate in the making of their new urban environment. This facilitates the active engagement and a sense of ownership in the organic process, to gain ownership over the space, at the same time as creating more positive relationships with other community members as they display their ability to sell the products of their labour.

Subsequent stages include cooking, textile, art and music studios; bricolage workshops; a medical center, emergency relief housing; Launceston grandest stair and an opulent public bath house.

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